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CELPA (Pacific logistic center) is a Free Trade Zone approved by DIAN Resolution No. 2634 March 2nd 2011; designed as pre and post port for Colombian international trade services in Buenaventura.

CELPA pacific
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- Customs Incentives -

In the regime of free trade zones there are several benefits that make them a vantage point and one of the most favorable options to stimulate investment and increase foreign trade operations in Colombia, the current legislation the most significant customs benefits are as follows:

• Customs Extraterritoriality.
• No payment of customs applicable to capital goods, equipment, input and parts imported from abroad.
• Unlimited storage of foreign merchandise without tax payment.
• Partial tax payment of the merchandise received, with the idea to use just in time in Colombia.
• Partial goods processing within National territory customs, without taxes payments and customs procedures.
• Partial importation of the merchandise without limit of time
• Imports and exports of goods and services that take place between companies located in the national customs territory and companies in the Free Zone may be paid in foreign currency or Colombian pesos.
• Financing abroad without the requirement of constitution a deposit.
• Purchases and sales that the company makes with the rest of the world, exchange rate management through the free market.

- Taxes incentives -

• Unique income tax 15 % an advantageous tariff that applies only to users in the Free Trade Zones.
• The sales within the national territory do not apply tax (E.T. Art. 481 law 1004/2005). The dividends from the shareholders do not apply income tax.
• Exemption from consignment tax of 7% to the interests and technical services to industrial and paid abroad.
• Exemption of consignment tax amounts abroad.

New Free Trade Zone celpa

- Free Trade Zone approved by DIAN Resolution No. 2634 March 2nd 2011 -

Our spaces

In CELPA you can find urbanized lots from 1700 m2 and warehouses for sale or in rent from 1400m2 115 lots, with fronts of 33 meters and 65 meters deep on average with occupancy rate of 63%

A logistic design with three road lanes in each direction, allowing access to vehicles into and out of the Free Trade Zone, with roads ranging from 9 to 23 meters wide

Distribution centers.
Excellent spaces for manufactures, cross-docking platform, storage, vehicle listing zones, containers zone.

• Thirty parking spaces before entering the Free Trade Zone
• Three hundred and fifty visitors parking on the side of each block

• Dual water supply system through rainwater harvesting and connection to the Municipal water network
• Sewage wastewater and rainwater.
• Availability of 100 KVA power per lot, with the possibility of increased load as required
• Internal and external perimeter lighting
• Power plant substitution areas
• Infrastructure for special wiring
• Fiber optical connectivity

• The road from/to Cali and Buenaventura has a dual carriageway both directions. The Free Trade Zone is located on this excellent road.
• CELPA has three entry points
• The main street is made up of two roadways each, with two lanes for entry and exit from the Free Trade Zone.
• Secondary roads with 9 meter wide
• Perimetral way of 4 meters operating as a circuit in case of emergency in another ways.

• The Free Trade Zone has a closed circuit television, covering 100% of the perimeter and common areas.
• Security personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week
• Access control system with a personal cards and visitors controls

Common Zones:
• Access Plaza
• 2350 m2 administrative building with support operations offices
• Conductors arrives, centralized mall reception, medical service, and capacitation rooms
• First aid and emergency brigade with firefighters and ambulances
• Maintenance warehouse.

Environmental Component:
• Using rainwaters for irrigation and industrial process parkland
• Wetland in the central axes, mitigating and filtering rainwater like
• Reforestation with native trees in assignment areas
• Large indoor and outdoor green areas
• Garbage on recycling

Custom Control:
• Two weigh station with capacity of 80 tons each
• (DIAN) offices of 150 m2
• Customs inspections area of 1500 m2

Business Trade Center:
• Banks, services and general commerce
• Food court with capacity of 80 people
• Two casinos for employers
• Four meeting rooms with capacity for 25 people each
• Auditorium for 150 people
• Offices from 40m2

Our services

• Service of Scales, to provide reweigh service in case that our users need to.

• A modern and flexible inventory control system that allow in a short amount of time the preparation of the FMM minimizing errors in your diligence on the part of users and at the same time, in its adoption by the operator.

• Training in the free zone regime and the same inventory control system.

• losed-circuit television camera system for the safety of our users and visitors to the free zone.

• 350 parking spaces for visitors.

• Public Services in the home such as water, energy, telephone, and internet.

• Financial institutions.

• DIAN permanent official to meet the requirements of the day-to-day operations of the users.

• The other services inherent in the actual operation of entry and exit of goods, such as: schedules to meet the extraordinary operations from our users at the time that require it, service In-House , among others.

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